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Radiation begins September 22nd

Posted in Cancer,Sara by sicks on September 6, 2008

Hey gang —

It’s been a huge week of doctor appointments (5 in 10 days) and getting ready for the next phase of treatments, namely radiation.  It’s also been a big emotional week of change with the potential risks of my next treatments and all the changes that are happening this fall (Lucy and Chris started school this week).

I got the nod from my radiation oncologist and plastic surgeon that my six-week, every-day radiation schedule will begin on the 22nd.  That doesn’t mean that I am out the woods yet with the openings on my incision from my old June surgery, however.  I am grateful that we will be able to begin somewhat on time but there is a chance that my holes will open up more during radiation.  If my expander (put in when I had my mastectomy) starts to show through the holes during radiation I will have to go into surgery to have it taken out so my wound can heal properly.  That would be quite a bummer.  So one of my prayer requests is that these holes would hold up during radiation so that I can make it through the six weeks without surgery.

I am also trying to get into a 3-year bone trial that uses a group of osteoperosis drugs as a preventive measure against future recurrence (breast cancer most often recurs as bone cancer).  It’s a really positive, promising and exciting trial.  I hope be a part of this trial but I have to have a thorough dental exam (Monday) so I can get in.  I also am praying for the Lord’s input on this one as there is a low risk but pretty awful side effect involving your jaw that comes with being in the trial.  Since I seem have a lot of health issues for my age, I am starting to pay attention to these “low risk” health risks.  It’s scary at times.

We desire to drink deeply from Christ and not our own strength to get through these next few miles this fall (Chris also has a lot going on and currently is enrolled in two seminary classes).  Although I have never run a marathon, I feel like we are are mile marker 20 physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We have hit the end of our human strength and need to draw 100% from Christ’s resources.   He is the vine and we are the branches.

Thanks for your prayers and your on-going encouragement and support!  We have needed you far more than we had expected at the beginning of this process!

Love, Sara


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  1. Jim Hale said,

    It is such a gift to visit this blog. I will take these prayer requests boldly before the Lord.

    The Hales

  2. Susan Sicks said,

    We’ve “upped” our prayer requests for you and Christopher. Hang in there. You are tough and strong and with His help you will persevere.

    Love you, Susan

  3. Jenny Wiegleb said,

    Sara, you are amazing and an inspiration for us all! Hang in there my friend. This too shall pass. I wish I was there to help out in some way. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you frequently.
    By the way, I think that you should publish your blog entries. I’m sure they could help a lot of people going through similar trials. I know I find them a source of wisdom and grace!
    My love and prayers to you, Chris and the kids.
    Love and hugs, Jenny

  4. Dan & Sara said,

    It is unbelievable what you have seen and experienced these past few months. We so long to be there to love on and encourage you. Thank you (and Chris!) so much for all your message these last few weeks as we deal with Mia’s issues (and infections all around!). Instead of long comments/emails we would like to set up a Skype date sometime soon (or we can just call your house). Would you drop us a line over email and let us know?
    Lots of love from way over here,
    Sara and Dan

    PS We are starting APC-East now that the Headrick family has arrived! They are fantastic!

  5. Gretchen Davis said,

    Sara – we love you and continue to pray for endurance for you, Chris, and the kiddos. Thanks so much for your words of wisdom that only could come from a woman who is sitting at the Lord’s feet. You are such and inspiration to me and I can’t wait to hear good news about the trial, your radiation, and your healing incision. Love Always, Gretchen (and Jeff and Cole and Baby Boy #2)

  6. maryanna koehring said,

    We love you!!! Thinking about you so much. We pray for God’s healing hand to be with you and on you.

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