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Chemo starts Wednesday, Dec. 15

Posted in Cancer,Sara by sicks on December 13, 2010

Hello Dear Ones —

My oncologist has chosen to treat my cancer recurrence with two different chemos: Doxil and Navelbine (for you medical folks).  We were glad to learn these two chemos do not tend to have huge side effects.  But since chemo affects everyone differently, we’ll just have to see how my body responds.  I will also be given wonder-drug Herceptin since I am indeed HER2 positive.  I am excited that these two chemos to do not cause hair loss — yippee!  But … if the cancer does not respond as my oncologist wants it to, she will change my chemo drugs to ones that do cause hair loss.  So we are praying that this trifecta of powerful drugs do the job.  If you could pray that my cancer cells are super active so that the chemo can find them and DESTROY THEM! (that’s how chemo works — by finding rapidly dividing cells and killing them).

I am feeling mostly relieved to be starting to fight this beast (but also a little bit sad).  I have not been sleeping as well because of some pain in my neck and shoulder that could be related to where the cancer is located — on the side of my neck.

I also would ask that you pray that I would be willing to stay still while God has me in this wilderness and not try to get out from under his thumb, so to speak.  I know he has some important things to say and I want to hear what’s on his mind.  I’ve been asking him to keep “showing up” in my life every day.  I need to be willing for him to show up in any way that he chooses and not be bound to the way or ways I would expect him to.  So pray that I would have eyes to “see Jesus” each day and be thankful for the ways he shows me he’s present.

Thank you for your prayers and for walking with us!

Love, Sara


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  1. Mary Elisa said,


    Thinking of you as you begin your chemo today. Ugh! So glad to know that it does not cause hair loss this time around. I pray that any side effects will be minimal and that God shows up for you each and everyday!

    Much love, peace & strength coming your way!

    Mary Elisa

    your BB Mary Elisa

  2. susan said,

    Dearest Sara,

    Thoughts of you kept creeping into my mind today, knowing what you were going through. I hope it wasn’t too long and tedious although I imagine you are used to it since you experienced it before. We are praying for you and C.M.
    Can’t wait to see you on Monday.

  3. Ellen Vest said,

    Dear Sara—

    We’re sad to hear the news and with you again in spirit as you face this. More than that He is with you, so much that it is even His name. In that spirit, Merry Christmas my friends. We love you.

    Ellen and Rob

  4. the koehrings said,

    Dearest Sara, We love you and will be praying for you and your family during this intense time. Thank you for sharing your heart and emotions. We look forward to seeing Jesus in this with you, too. Xxoo. Ralph and Maryanna

  5. Valerie Paul said,


    You have been in my prayers and in my heart. Thank you for re-starting the blog so that we can all journey with you. I’m so glad that I was able to celebrate your special birthday with you this summer!

    Love, Val

  6. Michelle Batten said,

    Sara- Doug and I are praying for you…An idea for those nights you can’t sleep- DAily audio Bible – I was able to listen to the entire Bible this year (much at night!)- it is a blessng to hear HIS life changing WORD in the middle of the night and stops your mind from worrying and thinking and keeps your mind off he pain! We are praying for you! Michelle

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