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2011 begins with hope and peace

Posted in Cancer,Sara by sicks on January 1, 2011

Hey gang —

Happy New Year!  We had an incredible Christmas in Naples, Florida, with Chris’ side of the family.  It was a huge blessing to be all together, to enjoy many fun activities outside, and to simply enjoy the weather and unique vegetation.  Thank you, Don and Susan, for this great gift!

We start this new year with hearts that feel incredibly calm, peaceful and hopeful.  This episode with cancer differs so greatly than the last go-around three years ago.  I am so grateful to be protected from the feeling of fear and never-ending thoughts about cancer.  I do not feel fearful and do not think about my cancer often.  Amazing!  Thank you, Lord, for guarding my heart and for the prayers of many.

We also feel hopeful because we can see the chemo working.  My neck and upper back pain that originally drew my attention to the area is now gone, the rash that I had in the area is also gone (we didn’t and don’t know if this was cancer-related), and the two little bumps in my neck are smaller.  Hooray!  I see my oncologist on Monday, the 3rd to determine if she will keep me on these chemos.  I think she will be pleased and am hoping that I stay on these two since they would allow me to keep my hair.

So we are grateful to report all of this good news.  On another note, Chris and I will be taking a three-day intensive seminary course (I am auditing the class) at RTS on the doctrine of suffering taught by a Wheaton professor who is in a wheelchair.  The reading so far has been excellent and thought-provoking.  We are both really excited to learn more about this topic.  This course comes at an interesting time.  God has used these cancer battles tremendously to give us a greater understanding of Himself, His kingdom and some of his unwanted gifts.  We have a lot more to learn.

We are grateful for you and feel the Lord has put many at our side.  What a gift!