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Minor surgery & new chemo round is going well

Posted in Cancer,Sara by sicks on June 8, 2008

Hey gang —

I had minor surgery today to help with a weird development located around the site of my mastectomy. Basically, my skin is so thin that it tore causing the plastic port from my reconstruction expander to become visible. Also this hole had become a little bit infected. So today the the plastic surgeon removed that port with the hope that the hole will now close. Would you pray that the skin heals, that hole goes away, and that my infection leaves through an antibiotic I’m taking?

Also, I began my new round of weekly chemo last week and this regimen is much better than the last. There have been minimal side effects so far, which is great! I’ll be on this one until mid-August.

Lastly, Chris’ cousin Amanda has been here for a week and will remain for another 2 1/2 weeks. She has been a huge help with the kids and the daily operations of our household. She is a great blessing!

God continues to teach us many things and to provide for our needs. Thanks for checking in with the Sicks gang!

Love, Sara


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  1. Brady Newby said,

    Was thinking of you tonight Sara. We have not posted much on your site but we have been following your progress and you have been in our prayers. May God continue to provide you such wonderful comfort.

  2. Michelle Knott said,

    I’m so sorry that your port was causing you trouble. It sounds like the doctors did the right thing to take it out, and I’ll pray that it heals up COMPLETELY and quickly for you, so you feel better. I’m praying for you and will pray that these new rounds of chemo do the trick without taking away your energy. It sounds like you’re doing well so far. The Lord is good. I miss your smiling face and hope to see you soon. You are a special friend to sooooo many of us, and we love you dearly. As Austin would say, “Take care, see you soon!” Love you, sweet friend.

  3. It’s always something! Can’t recall who said it. Life is change. Faith gets us through. I have been reading your blogs and appreciate so much what you share. It is so personal, trusting and life sustaining. Truly, no woman is an island. We are all connected to God. Bless you. Marge

  4. Jim Hale said,

    Oh Sara…I’m so sorry to hear about this. I know this is the type of thing that can drive you nuts. You are not praying your way through this alone. I think of you and the family daily and always make a point to ask for God’s mercy on you my friend.

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