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Stomach flu run amok

Posted in Cancer,Sara by sicks on March 25, 2008

The gastroenteritis virus has taken up residence at our house, affecting everyone but me (Sara), although I have experienced some minor effects. My sister and brother-in-law bore the brunt of care for Lucy and Campbell over the weekend as they were down visiting in Fredericksburg, VA. Thankfully, Campbell is well now and others are headed in that direction. We are praying that I don’t come down with this later in the week as my second chemo treatment begins on Monday, March 31. Other than that, the big news this week is that I should lose my hair. I keep tugging on parts of it to see if it is time, but so far it’s hanging in there. 🙂 Time is going ever so slowly here in the Sicks household. I suppose that is how it goes in the valley. Thankfully, there is the knowledge that all things are temporary and that this too shall pass. Whether time is progressing quickly or slowly, may God be seen for who he is in our lives, and may we stop to worship him.



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  1. ginger shehan said,

    My sweet Sara,
    I am glad to hear that your spirit is being held high by our Lord. It is only in his hands that we can truly find peace and rest at such a time as this. My experience was that I did not begin losing my hair until after the 2nd treatment and that it was near the end of it. The doctor was a bit disappointed to see me beginning the 3rd treatment with some hair. ha! I believe he was a little jealous…not much on top of his head either…we both had a good laugh. I have finished chemo, last treatment was last Monday, and am not feeling great… just ready to get on with what the Lord has in store for me. We pray for you and your family often. Please keep us in your prayers. I go on April 16th for the surgery to remove both expanders and put in perm. saline implants. I am having some problems with, I think several hernias in the stomach area. The surgeon will look at that before surgery to see if they can be repaired at the same time. The port will also be taken out…PRAISE THE LORD!!!!! Keeo us in your prayers-Stay close to Him. He is so precious to have, isn’t he??? What would we do without our Redeemer and Rock?
    God Bless you and your family, Ginger Shehan

  2. Michelle Knott said,

    I’m so sorry your gang there is sick, but it sounds like they’re on the mend. I will pray too that you don’t get the bug. That’s obviously the last thing you need! We’ll pray that you’ll be very strong as you head into the second treatment. You are a mighty woman because of your faith in a MIGHTY GOD. He will be your strength in the long days. I’ll pray for bursts of laughter and joy in the midst of this week.
    Much love,
    Michelle (for the Knotts)

  3. Debbie Mohn said,

    So good to read how well you are…I am praying for you to fight off all those viruses.

  4. Joanne Redmond-Beckham said,

    May God be close to you in this valley. We love you and are praying for you. We pray for your sustained health as you prepare for your next round of chemo.
    The Beckhams

  5. Ellen Vest said,

    Hang in there my friend! There is a place to be quick about things—to hit the road before the bread is even leavened. And then there is a place where the secret and silent things can only be woven together into their beauty and fullness along with the ingredient of time. It’s easy to think of time as just a gap, but in it is worked all things—healing among them! It is even that mysterious combination of time and material elements that makes a wine fine. I have to think that both of these aspects of his Passover and Last Supper (haste and waiting) were not accidental. It’s OK. You’re in His time. He’s got you in His arms.

    Love, Ellen

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