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Prayer requests for chemo

Posted in Cancer,Sara by sicks on March 9, 2008

Hey gang —

I start chemotherapy tomorrow, at 9am on Monday, March 10. This series of four chemo treatments will occur once every three weeks, for a total of 12 weeks total on this go around. We would greatly appreciate specific prayer in the following areas:

1) Pray for active cancer cells. Sounds strange, I know, but chemo attacks cells that are actively splitting, not those that are dormant. Please pray that the cancer cells in my body are highly active so the chemo can identify them and kill all of them.

2) Chris is going to have a lot on his plate with work, children and household responsibilities. Please pray that he handles the pressure with grace, leaning into the Lord for strength.

3) We have a pretty awesome volunteer schedule in place to take care of Lucy and Campbell this week and next. Please pray that they roll with the punches of seeing me sick, being with others each day, and that we can discern their needs considering all that is happening. Ginger will be with my parents for this week.

4) I imagine that chemo will be difficult in a number of ways. Pray that I will tolerate it well and be able to participate with my family to some degree. Also, that I would avoid illness while my immune system is weakened, remembering to wash hands etc in order to avoid picking up anything.

5) That God would be shown for who he is — first in my heart and then in any other way that the Lord would choose.

Thanks so much for your prayers. They are precious to us!

Love, Sara


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  1. Kristi said,

    Praying for you every day!… Love you, Kristi

  2. Joanne Redmond-Beckham said,

    Thanks for being so specific with your requests – we will uplift you in prayer constantly. May God continue to give you great courage and strength. We’re so proud of you and love you very much.
    The Beckhams

  3. Katy S. said,

    We will do it. Godspeed, Sara.

  4. Alina said,

    Let’s blast those cancer cells!
    Love and prayers from the Copelands.

  5. Rachel said,

    Sara, we’re holding you up in prayer today as you begin your chemo treatments. May the loving hands of our Father hold you and your family close.
    Love, Rachel and Curt

  6. Jim Hale said,

    Sara and Chris — I have been, and shall continue to pray for all of you.

  7. Jenni Callahan said,

    Sara and Chris, we are praying for you and your children. God bless you all.

    ~The Callahans

  8. Gretchen Slease Davis said,

    Sara we love you and will be praying! Call the Davis house if we can help in any other way. Thanks for being so transparent and specific about where you are. Love, Gretchen

  9. Cyndee and Debbie Graham said,

    The Grahams are praying non-stop for you and your family!!!! WE LOVE YOU, SARA!!!

  10. Leslie Rhodes said,

    I will pray for you and your family.
    Leslie Rhodes

  11. Martha Mullins said,

    Dear Sara and Chris,
    How often my thoughts and Ginger’s (my daughter who is undergoing the treatments) turn to the Lord on your behalf! With Ginger, we were so nervous the first treatment, kept waiting for her body to explode or do something awful. It was hard but do-able. And by God’s grace not as bad as we had feared. The second treatment we were a little bit more confident, and by the third we just were beginning to see how much we had already undergone, and it was encouraging. She has her last (if all goes well) next Monday the 17th, then 2 surgeries for reconstruction and possibly a couple of other things, not such a big surgery as the first.
    I pray for you and all the sweetness of the Lord with you and Chris and the children. The Lord is the God Who sees, and He never leaves you for a second. I pray that you can sense that. God be with you, dear. Love, Martha

  12. Gerogia Griffith said,

    Sara – Bruce wrote a few days ago about your battle – and I can see from your blog that it is indeed a battle that you are waging with the love and support of God, your family and friends. I, too, am a cancer survivor (don’t know if you knew that) and am availabe to talk about the disease from the patient side if you ever need to. Meanwhile, I will pray that the cancer cells are active, that the chemo zaps them all…and that you didn’t choose the wig in the photo! Much love, Georgia Griffith

  13. Susan Tanigawa said,

    Hey Sara,
    Cyndee forwarded your family’s blog to me. We watched and prayed as my Mom endured chemo and radiation over 5 years ago. Thank you for listing specific prayer requests. I’m praying for and with you and your family! My parents send their love as well. Hugs, Susan

  14. Liz Balmer said,

    I’ve been thinking about you all day and praying that everything went as well as it could. It’s great to know how to pray for you and Chris and the kids this week — Tom and I will definitely be praying!

  15. Mary Worny said,

    Hey Sara,
    Yes, we are praying for active cancer cells. We were grateful to learn that Greg had “good” cells for chemo success 7 years ago when he beat a stage 3 with help from 2 types of chemo, radiation, the good docs at U of M hospital and God. Sara, we know that the chemo is knocking off those cancer cells right now! Chris, take it easy as your road is difficult also. .
    Love to you all,
    Mary and Greg

  16. Meghan said,


    Chris and I continue to pray for you and your family.

  17. Kaewon Kim said,

    Dear Sara,

    Your Dad updated me on how you’re doing with the chemo and the ongoing treatment. We’ve been praying for you ever since Chung-Ah shared the news. Thank you for listing specific prayer requests. We will keep praying for you and your family as you go through this battle.

  18. Deanna Stacy said,

    Dear Sara,

    I have had the opportunity to walk the last few days and to pray for you and your family on these walks. As you might feel like you are being decreased right now, I am praying that He would increase Himself in you and you, Sara, would also be increased as the chemo gets rids of the cancer cells! As He is preparing you for your specific future, I pray that you have great Hope and Encouragement from all those who are praying for you and from the Father Himself in very Sara specific ways this week.

    Anthony made Chris’ fabulous recipe of pork tenderloin sandwiches (with a special spice rub I can’t remember) and roasted red pepper sauce over asparagus this last weekend. It is now a Stacy family favorite!

    We love you!


    Deanna (for the Stacys)

  19. Becky Ensfield Morton said,

    Hi Sara-the-Nice,
    Debbie G. sent me your blog today and I am so thankful she did. I am praying that during this time you would draw close to your Redeemer, that you would know and be known by God in deeper ways. Thanks for listing specific prayer requests and sharing so vulnerably. I will continue to lift you before the throne of grace.

  20. Linda Murray said,

    Hi my dear Sara!

    As I told your mom in a recent email, you will surely be in my prayers. Your family will be also. What peace to know that the Lord will be there with you every step of the way! May you feel his presence surrounding you every moment!

    Love you,
    Linda Murray

  21. Ellen Vest said,

    You got it. Thanks again for these specific updates. (BTW, if I/we can do anything for you, please feel free to ask without hesitation.) With love, E

  22. Marilyn Kuhn said,

    Georgia Griffith forwarded me the news of your cancer. Your dad was my YL leader MANY years ago! You and your family are very much in my prayers. I am currently undergoing chemo for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and can relate to much of what you’re describing. The support and prayers from friends, family AND from people I don’t even know (!!) have been incredible gifts to me. I am so happy to be able to give this gift to you. I agree with your desire to not know stats. It can be a challenge to chart your own course in your recovery, but I’m finding it to be so important to do just that. Sounds like you have a good support system and you sound strong and grounded. Please feel free to contact me if you’d find it helpful.
    Marilyn Kuhn

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