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Sara’s Doing Well

Posted in Cancer,Chris by sicks on February 13, 2008

Hey everyone,

Thanks once again for the flood of prayers, messages and love. It’s overwhelming and very comforting. It’s Wed afternoon. Sara is on her way down to Fredericksburg to be mothered by her mother and recuperate until Monday.

What we know is that the doctor removed three tumors about 2 cm in size, and at least 3 lymph nodes with cancer. She is HER2 positive, which means her cancer is more aggressive than others, but there’s also a new treatment that’s like smart bomb attacking HER2 positive cancers. So on balance that’s good. We don’t know her stage yet, and she’s very anxious that she might be stage 3 or 4. We’ll get a pathology report in a few days and will really know more when we meet with the oncologist on Tuesday. It’s likely she’ll begin chemo in about two weeks.

Thank you for all the comments. Sara loves hearing from all of you. It’s amazing how an event like this can reconnect you with people you haven’t seen in ages. Yet another blessing.
God is very kind to us.